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Ulysses S Grant Insigne



The Ulysses S Grant Insigne

The insigne is composed of features representing both the ship itself
and the man for whom the ship is named. The thirteen red and white stripes
in the furls and the shield represent the thirteen original states, while the twenty-
three stars in the border represent the additional states in the Union at the conclusion of the
war between the states. The eagle is symbolic of the Nation, Presidency and Federal Government.
Four stars are located in the upper portion of the shield to commemorate General Grant's appointment to the newly created four-star rank of General of the Armies in July 1886.
The background colors of blue and gold, normally shown, represent the two
crews which will alternately man the ship. The outline of the insigne
and the lettering of the ship's name are reminiscent
of a style frequently associated with the era
of the eighteen sixties.


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